Three Takeaways from FIA Boca 2024 – The Challenges of Growth and Need for Resilience are Top Concerns

Blogs / Conferences & Events / by: Derek Haworth / March 19,2024

Twelve hundred attendees, twenty countries represented, and three days of meetings: that sums up FIA Boca by the numbers. But what were the big topics of discussion and emerging trends that are shaping the industry? The BornTec team has a few ideas to share from conversations we had with customers and prospects at the futures trading industry’s biggest event of the year.

Growing Volume and Regulations, Shrinking Resources

From 10,000 feet, the futures industry has it very good but from ground level, there are a number of challenges to deal with. Volumes are strong, driven both by a surge in shorter-term options and micro-sized contracts as well as rising interest rates and general economic uncertainty. At the same time, regulatory mandates from governments and exchanges alike paired with constrained budgets and two recent technical disruptions – one a year ago and the other in January of this year –  mean that firms must be creative as they strive for flexibility and resilience.

Cloud Has the Numbers but Operational Resilience Has Everyone’s Attention

FIA Boca witnessed unprecedented levels of sponsorship and participation from the big, cloud hyperscalers with AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure all showing up in force. However, the number one topic of conversation with colleagues, customers and prospects was the need for improved operational resilience. Recent events have made clear that system outages can arise for any reason, not just the increased threats from ransomware and other cyber challenges. In all, this elevates the importance of resilience planning and vendor management. 

Everyone is Talking About AI but Few are Asking for It

AI was the topic of discussion on several panels but down in the trenches (or, in this case, the Palm Court) managers and their teams are not asking for AI to address their challenges, they only want pragmatic solutions that unite their disparate data and systems. AI shows great promise and will most likely become more embedded in processes but, for right now, the emphasis is on making the most of what they have in the least disruptive ways possible.

The View from BornTec

FIA Boca is a fantastic opportunity to meet with the most important players in the futures and derivatives trading industries and the blend of business and ideas is both enlightening and productive. Overall, the industry is dynamic and growing but there are a number of challenges that must be met. By virtue of our deep industry experience and focus on maximizing data to increase data transparency, improve operational resilience, enhance risk management and improve speed to insight, BornTec is excited to build on top of success as we partner with our clients to deliver outstanding outcomes. Contact us to learn more.

BornTec is a Chicago-based technology solutions firm that provides tools to support surveillance, risk, compliance, and regulatory reporting functions in financial markets. Contact us for a demo of our data resilience solutions.