BornTec Streamlines Trade Data Analytics with Release of CrossCheck 2

Press Release / by: Peter Mott / September 23,2020

The update advances the performance and functionality of the company’s unique trade data integration platform
CHICAGO, IL (September 22, 2020) — ​ BornTec​, a software solutions provider for trade data analysis and reporting, today announced the release of CrossCheck 2 (CC2), a wholly reimagined version of its ground-breaking platform CrossCheck™. The new platform is available to the public today.

CrossCheck was built to seamlessly aggregate and normalize data flows from exchanges, trading platforms, OMSs, and middle- and back-office systems, allowing for simple, efficient, and informative analyses for processes such as regulatory reporting and trade surveillance. CC2 has been rebuilt from the ground up to optimize the platform’s performance, scalability, and data throughput. A refined user experience gives customers a powerful yet easy-to-use interface with an expansive feature set, while a next-generation, hyper-scalable system core powers the platform to meet user needs at any level of throughput. Some of these enhancements include:

  • Performance improvements that allow the platform to handle near-limitless records
  • Upgraded data-loading mechanisms that display real-time views for trade surveillance and market abuse monitoring
  • Added regulatory reporting features, such as a built-in reporting module for custom reports via FIX integration
  • Increased compliance functionalities, including long-term historic data retention, point-in-time compliance verification, and immediate data reproduction

“Capital markets are striving to be a data-driven industry, but most trading firms and brokers fail to intelligently make sense of their vast siloes of fragmented, unstructured data,” said Derek Haworth, BornTec CEO and founder. “CC2 empowers our customers to harness the power of the data at their fingertips.”

From trade surveillance, to regulatory and audit trail reporting, to market abuse and disorderly market condition monitoring, CC2 provides a wide array of analytical functionality in an easy-to-use and thoroughly customizable platform. The platform has recently seen a significant uptick in customers and BornTec’s software business has increased 65% year-over-year.

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About BornTec

BornTec​, a software solutions and technology infrastructure provider for the capital markets, helps firms harness the power of their trading data for processes such as trade surveillance, regulatory and audit trail reporting, and market abuse and disorderly market condition monitoring. Its flagship product, CrossCheck 2 (CC2), facilitates the smooth transfer of financial information from almost any source to a single data warehouse. From there, a globally comprehensive picture emerges in real-time, enabling customers to achieve more efficient and informed analyses.

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