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CrossCheck™ is the Comprehensive Solution for
Surveillance Compliance and Regulatory Reporting

Risk Solutions

Trade surveillance and market risk solution

Market Surveillance

CrossCheck™ visually displays and monitors trade data in real time. The solution’s alerting features support comprehensive customization.

global trade flow aggregation

Market Abuse

CrossCheck™ monitors for routine market abuse violations including wash trades, spoofing, layering and cross trades.

Compliance Solutions

compliance risk

Regulatory Reporting

CrossCheck™ automates and publishes requisite regulatory reports including MiFID, EMIR, and OATS. These reports enable firms to fulfill necessary regulatory compliance obligations.

Compliance reporting

Audit Trail Management

CrossCheck™ automates your audit trail management by mapping audit trail log files in a standard, searchable format. Your firms audit trail data becomes instantly retrievable and exportable to ensure compliance. CrossCheck™ notifies users for file status completeness or formatting errors.

Aggregated Data Solutions

data Aggregation

Data Aggregation

CrossCheck™ receives post-trade order flow in real-time and aggregates this data across all asset classes from multiple trading platforms.

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