BornTec’s Exchange Compliance

Blogs / by: Chris Haworth / June 01,2022

CrossCheck is a powerful system that allows users to view all trading platform audit trail data in one centralized location. This feature streamlines the auditing process and makes it easy to access data quickly and efficiently. The system is designed to be compatible with most ISV and internal platforms, allowing users to instantly produce reports for exchange audit trail compliance. With CrossCheck, mapping audit trail log files into a standard messaging format is simple and intuitive, allowing users to query for specific data fields such as trader ID, date, product, exchange, and more.

CrossCheck stores your data for several years, ensuring that your firm remains compliant with exchange audit trail requirements. The system allows for easy retrieval of data, making it simple to locate and produce the necessary reports. Additionally, users can send data to exchanges in their requisite format quickly and easily, further streamlining the compliance process. With CrossCheck, you can have confidence that your firm is compliant with all exchange audit trail requirements, allowing you to focus on your core business operations without worry.