It’s safe to say that when laying out our roadmap for this past year, no one at BornTec predicted the twists and turns 2020 would provide. And working in the financial markets added an extra layer of uncertainty (and, for lack of a better term, volatility) to the equation.

But we have been fortunate in many regards this year. Top of mind is that our team remains in good health. We are also fortunate for the tremendous strides we’ve made as a software provider. From comprehensive improvements to our flagship product with the launch of CrossCheck 2 to widespread sales growth, it was, in many ways, a banner year for BornTec.

As I look back on the year, I know part of this is attributable to our nature as a business: our team was 40% remote before March of this year. We had already instilled a workplace culture that emphasized flexibility, and we had been leveraging remote working tools such as Zoom since mid-2019. This allowed us to transition to a fully remote work environment with ease, causing minimal disruptions in our ability to service our clients.

Of course, our success is also due in large part to the dedication and resilience of our team. We set lofty engineering and sales goals for ourselves at the end of 2019, and it was an all-hands-on-deck effort to achieve those as the year progressed. Many of us embraced new responsibilities as we lent helping hands across teams. Personally, I wore a new hat as I shifted my focus away from business development and more towards product development and management. But while this was necessary, it had an added benefit — my previous time spent externally evangelizing helped our team to better tailor CrossCheck 2 to what our clients wanted and needed. This was a common thread: collaboration was ubiquitous in and between our teams, which helped improve our processes and therefore our deliverables for our clients.

This internal success was brought to bear as we achieved major sales growth. Traditional sales processes are more challenging to transition into a remote work environment than engineering ones, but our strong new business pipeline gave us time to adapt and build out a remote sales strategy. And it was a complementary effort: CrossCheck 2’s feature and functionality enhancements supercharged our ability to hit our sales targets. In 2020 as a software provider, we saw an 81% growth in CrossCheck clients, and a 65% increase in revenue.

With this exciting pace of growth — CrossCheck 2 saw over 1.5 billion transactions in 2020 — it’s become ever more urgent to stick to our roots and emphasize development operations. Sure, it may not be flashy, but when we optimize and automate our internal processes, we can deliver better results for our clients. As we continue to grow in 2021 and beyond, we are committed to staying ahead of the curve in feature and functionality upgrades while still providing the highest quality customer experience.

For more information on CrossCheck 2, our comprehensive solution for data management, surveillance, risk, compliance, and regulatory reporting, please reach out to us at