Symmetry Implements BornTec’s Audit Abuse System

Clients / by: Chris Haworth / August 01,2022

We are thrilled to announce that Symmetry Financial Group has chosen our Market Abuse system to help monitor and detect fraudulent trading activities. As a company that connects clients with the best insurance products while providing industry-leading training and tools to their sales force, Symmetry has established a reputation for excellence in the financial industry. We are honored to have them as our latest client and look forward to supporting them in their efforts to maintain a fair and transparent trading environment.

Our Market Abuse system offers Symmetry a comprehensive solution to monitor and alert for potential fraudulent trading activities, such as spoofing, layering, cross trades, and wash trades. With real-time monitoring and alerts, Symmetry can quickly identify any suspicious trading patterns and take immediate action. The system provides customizable reporting options and advanced analytics, providing Symmetry with valuable insights into their trading activities and enabling them to make more informed decisions. We are excited to partner with Symmetry and support them as they continue to provide top-notch financial services to their clients while maintaining a fair and transparent trading environment.