CrossCheck™ by BornTec

Real time analysis and alerting for your post trade data

Data Aggregation

CrossCheck takes in post trade data in real-time from any trading platform or OMS.

CrossCheck aggregates maps and normalized data. CrossCheck validates, deuplicates, and enriches the normalized data.

CrossCheck can push data downstream with flexible open API, and feeds all of your in-house analytics platforms.

Audit Trail Reporting With Cross Check

  • CrossCheck allows you to view all trading platform audit trail data in one place. Instantly produce reports for Exchange audit trail compliance that are compatible with most ISV and internal platforms. It maps audit trail log files into a standard messaging format Query for Trader ID, date, product, exchange, or any message field.  CrossCheck stores your data for several years and allows for easy retrieval. Send data to exchanges in their requisite format quickly and easily. CrossCheck gives you confidence that your firm is compliant with exchange audit trail requirements.

Market Abuse Monitoring & Alerting


Monitoring and alerting for spoofing, layering, cross trades, wash trades
Detailed market abuse event transactions capture
Graphical display of captured abuse event by timestamp
Compliance workflow screen to process, make notes, assign, and mark as resolved
Adjust the ratios and criteria defining market abuse scenario
Apply different rules per account or product
Set default alerting criteria tighter or looser in real time


Trade Surveillance


Visually display and alert for message velocity, high water marker, messages by product, excessive rejects, algo monitors, top of day monitoring per trader or exchange
Graphical display of all trade data
Graphical display of captured abuse event by timestamp
Consume are react to massive amounts of trade data in real-time
Analyze data by product, exchange, trader ID, algo strategy 


regulatory trade reporting

Regulatory Reporting


Fully automated service for regulatory reporting
Software maps the data and scans for completeness and accuracy
SaaS deployed. No infrastructure required
No need for customers to upload files, our solution is completely automated


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