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FCM’s and Broker


Prop Trading

FCM’s and Broker Dealers

Monitoring and alerting for disorderly market conditions.

Visualize Transaction Metrics over Custom Time Frames

Filter by Exchange, Session, Trader, AlgoID, Order Type and more

Track Messages Per Second, Rejected Orders, Excessive Cancels

Monitoring for any defined time frame (100ms, 1 second, 5 seconds, 1 minute, etc)

Alerts for Order-to-Trade Ratio’s

Displays “High Water Marks”.
Statistical Analytics for Historic Flow.

View and store Detailed Trade History

Kill Switch functionality

Generate reports and trade exports.

Algo repetition monitoring.

Audit trail management

Crosscheck allows you to view all trading platform audit trail data in one place.

Crosscheck maps audit trail log files into a standard messaging format.

Crosscheck stores your data for several years and allows for easy retrieval.

Instantly produce reports for Exchange audit trail compliance.

Query for Trader ID, date, product, exchange, or any message field.

Send data to exchanges in their requisite format quickly and easily.

Crosscheck is compatible with most ISV and internal platforms.

Crosscheck notifies when your audit trail data is incomplete or incorrectly formatted.

Crosscheck gives you confidence that your firm is compliant with Exchange Audit Trail requirements.