Marex implements BornTec’s CrossCheck system

Clients / by: Chris Haworth / May 01,2022

We are pleased to welcome Marex as our latest client, who will be utilizing our powerful CrossCheck system. As a leading diversified financial services platform, Marex provides liquidity, market access, and infrastructure services to clients in the energy, commodities, and financial markets. We are excited to have them on board and are confident that our CrossCheck system will help them optimize their operations and enhance their trading activities.

With CrossCheck’s real-time analysis and alerting capabilities, Marex will be able to effectively monitor and analyze their post-trade data. The system is customizable, allowing them to tailor the data and reporting to meet their unique needs. This will enable them to make more informed decisions and take immediate action as necessary. CrossCheck’s advanced features and intuitive interface make it easy to use, and we are confident that it will be a valuable asset to Marex’s business operations. We are thrilled to partner with Marex and look forward to a successful collaboration with them.