The BornTec Team

Since 2002 we have been a leading technology provider that enables the Capital Markets industry.

About Us

Our Passion

Helping people solve problems in the post trade space. Borntec is an agile fintech company working in capital markets. We are a dynamic, creative, and smart collaborative that excels in tackling challenging tasks and delighting customers. BornTec holds a customer centric belief system that underpins what we do.

We Believe in the Power of Data

BornTec understands that data is a firm’s most valuable asset. We seek to help customers unlock the value of their trade data. Our flagship solution CrossCheck takes siloed, disparate data and transforms it into a normalized, enriched source of truth to assist in various firm-wide analytics.

Service is Our Thing

In a sometimes crowded space, we differentiate our selves with our service offering. In our managed colocation offering, we take a hands on approach to onsite data center readiness, proactive monitoring, and helpful suggestions for customers to minimize latency and improve operational efficiency. We take an equally proactive approach to our software offering, working with customers to incorporate features and utilize the platform to gain the best functional advantage.

Partner, Not Vendor

We are vested in our customer’s success. We work tirelessly to ensure our client’s happiness.

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